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Chilminding           reply
11/06/2018 07:56 - Announcements (Locality: Dublin North)
Hi I’m looking from some advice on minding children in my own home, I’m thinking of giving up my full time job to start minding children as it’s something I’d love to do, but I do not know how much to charge people for babies/ kids. Can you make a good income from it, do u charge by hour or day? Would anyone recommend to do this. Living in north county Dublin. Thanks Donna

re : Chilminding           reply
11/06/2018 18:40 - Announcements
Ring around others advertising in your area, ie the registered childminders, say your setting up and would you mind advising. Contact Childminding Ireland and your county childcare committee will advise also. Although both were overinflated in my county. Dublin childminders are reporting 50e a day per child so if ud three kids it sound fantastic. However the burn out rate in childminders is huge and insured childminders return to professional work after two years approx as often bank hols are paid/charged, no hol pay, no sick pay etc. The government system at moment has no interest in childminders and so the market the registered childminders work in is extremely unfair.
You could work cash and unregistered but you´ll soon develop feelings of being used and unregistered often have a high turn over of kids which benefits no one. No one would advise give up a paid job to childmind unregistered. Remember you´ll only need childcare for a few short years and not everyone likes being home full-time. Best of luck in your decision.

re... : Chilminding           reply
11/06/2018 19:35 - Announcements
Thank you for advice.

re : Chilminding           reply
11/06/2018 21:44 - Announcements
Hi Donna
I’ve been minding children in my own home for 2 years now and I couldn’t be happier that I decided to do it I gave up a good job that I had been in for quite a few years simply because I wasn’t happy in it it was scary but it’s worked out very well for me. I don’t know what your personal situation is so obviously I can’t offer anything too specific regarding advice I’m in a different county so that would make a difference regarding rates and normal practice all I can tell you is that I started with one child and within 4 months I was at the capacity I set for myself and I have had the same children for the past 2 years and am expecting to keep them through to school age. There is a very good living to be made depending on what you decide to charge checking others offering a similar service in your area will help with that there is no sick pay but you need to be prepared to work through all but the most severe illness because you can’t let people down. I do charge for holidays I close 3 weeks a year and I also charge for bank holidays. A lot will depend on the norms in your area but don’t under value yourself and don’t let yourself be exploited if you feel like you need to do either of those things to get people in then I would advise you stay in your current job but in my experience demand is very high and people will pay well for a service they can be happy leaving their children in. Good luck.

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