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Children's Influence on Purchases

Children´s Influence on Purchases           reply
11/02/2015 22:13 - Behaviour / Discipline
Hi, I am doing a research project on the role that children play on parent´s purchase decisions. I would really appreciate it if you took 2 minutes of your time to complete this super quick and easy survey. The information you provide is for the purpose of an academic research and will be confidential. Please indicate your answer by ticking one box unless stated otherwise.

Are you male or female?

☐ Male
☐ Female

Please state the age/s of your child/children.


Please state your marital status.

☐ Single
☐ Married
☐ Divorced/Separated
☐ Not married but living with partner

What is your current employment status?

☐ Part-time
☐ Full-time
☐ Unemployed
☐ Other (please specify): __________________________________________________

How many times do you go shopping with your child within a month?

☐ Never
☐ Once
☐ Between two and four times a month
☐ More than four times

Who has the most influence on how a child grows up as a consumer?

☐ Parents
☐ Media
☐ Peer group
☐ Other (please specify): __________________________________________________

On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being the lowest, please rate the level of influence you believe your child/children have had on your purchase decisions.

☐ 1 ☐ 2 ☐ 3 ☐ 4 ☐ 5 ☐ 6 ☐ 7 ☐ 8 ☐ 9 ☐ 10

What type(s) of products do you believe children ask for the most?


Please state food products which you believe parents are more likely to buy for their children.


Please tick the strategies you can recognise that may have been used to influence your purchase decisions. (You can choose several answers)

☐ The child shows detailed knowledge about a certain product (Expert power)
☐ The child is seen to have the right to make a decision (Legitimate power)
☐ The child bargains and compensates with the parent by showing good behaviour or doing a chore (Reward power)
☐ The child has the power from being liked (Referent power)
☐ The child threatens the parent by using bothersome behaviour or complaining (Coercive power)

What strategy/strategies do you think are most effective to influence purchase decisions? (You can choose several answers)

☐ Expert power
☐ Legitimate power
☐ Reward power
☐ Referent power
☐ Coercive power
☐ Other (please specify):


How do you think a typical parent responds to their child making purchase requests?


What do you think causes a parent the most to give in to their child’s requests?

☐ They feel guilty from not spending enough time with their child
☐ The product is relatively cheap
☐ The child has shown good behaviour
☐ To avoid an argument
☐ They are afraid their child may be teased or bullied
☐ Other (please specify): __________________________________________________

Do you ever feel embarrassed giving in to your child’s desires?
☐ Yes
☐ Sometimes
☐ No

What do you think is the main age bracket which attempts to influence purchase decisions?

☐ 3-6 years
☐ 7-10 years
☐ 11-16 years

Obesity and other diet problems can be a consequence of children nagging their parents into buying certain foods.

☐ Strongly agree
☐ Agree
☐ Neither agree or disagree
☐ Disagree
☐ Strongly disagree

What do you think is the main cause of children making purchase requests.

☐ Advertising
☐ Peer pressure
☐ Constant desire to have a product
☐ Other (please specify): __________________________________________________

Are you aware of the negative effects associated with foods high in fat, salt and sugar (HFSS)?

☐ Yes
☐ No

What is a possible solution to these problems for children?


You have now finished the questionnaire. Thank you for your participation.

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