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Childminding rates

Childminding rates           reply
03/02/2018 14:12 - Announcements (Locality: Tipperary)
Anyone got an idea of what should I charge for minding a baby, a 2 year all day and a 4 year old after preschool finishes, I will have to collect preschooler. All kids from the one family. Being minded in my house. Food supplied by parents. Im not registered.
Also there will be days that i just mind the two small ones for three hours- so what should I charge for this.

re : Childminding rates           reply
03/02/2018 16:48 - Announcements
Are these your only minded children?
Are you insured? Do you need your car?
Are you planning declare your income or is it cash undeclared?

re... : Childminding rates           reply
03/02/2018 23:25 - Announcements
I mind one other toddler. I don´t have extra insurance. I use my own car and I´ve a full cert in childcare

re... : Childminding rates           reply
04/02/2018 08:06 - Announcements
Hi, if your minding four preschoolers (under six and not in nat sch), you need to apply one month before minding 4/5 together and be inspected by Tusla same regulations/inspection process in any creche. Its illegal mind 4/5 without registering and youd be convicted and it carries a jail sentence in very serious cases.
If you decide let the one toddler go and care for other family...look at getting insurance, especially your car as your uninsured on the road carrying minded kids and especially as your childcare qualified and then charge the full going rate. If you taking cash youll be at the lower end of day rate while still minding three under 4. Everyone knows paying cash that is undeclared means savings and pay as you use rates.

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