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Child Psychotherapy for Teachers

Child Psychotherapy for Teachers           reply
26/03/2012 09:35 - Announcements (Locality: Dublin South)
Diploma for Teachers (Child Psychotherapy for Primary/Post-Primary Teachers: The Secret of a Happy Classroom)

The Diploma in Child Psychotherapy for Teachers is an intensive one-week diploma course that focuses on the significant role that teachers play in children’s lives. The course works from the essential premise that the classroom is a microcosm of society and is the place where children/adolescents begin to explore their relationships with adults and children outside the family. As well studying how anxiety and anger in the classroom can be viewed as representations of underlying emotional turmoil, the course explores the impact of psychological processes, conscious and unconscious, in the school environment.

Teachers will gain skills to handle the impact of separation anxiety in their students and learn how to nurture secure attachments between themselves and their students with the aim of encouraging confident children who are eager to progress in their studies.

Co-taught by two psychotherapists experienced within the primary and secondary school sectors, teachers may enroll for one of two versions of the course:

- Child Psychotherapy for Primary Teachers

- Child Psychotherapy for Post-Primary Teachers

Bothcourses run from Monday July 2nd – Friday July 6 th (20 contact hours).

Course Syllabus

Primary School Teachers
•Building Positive Attachment Bonds within the Classroom: Coping with Separation Anxiety, the Teacher as an Attachment Figure and Role Model.
•The Classroom as a Social Environment: How Children Begin to Socialise and Make Friends; Understanding and Dealing with Interpersonal Conflict, e.g. Bullying
•The Anxious Child: The Impact of Anxiety on the Capacity to Learn Effectively
•The Angry Child: Setting Limits and Boundaries
•The Unique Child
•Communication and Play: Awareness of the Creative Ways Children Communicate Through Play and Art; Responding Sensitively to these ‘Communications.’

Secondary School Teachers
•Building Attachment Bonds in the Classroom
•Understanding and Responding to Challenging Behaviour in the Classroom
•Noticing, Understanding and Responding to Hidden Conflict in the Classroom
•Motivating Students to Learn for Themselves - what drives the desire to learn and what can inhibit it
•Mental Health in Adolescence
•The Teacher-Adolescent-Parent Relationship

For more information and to register please contact or 01 672 5058.

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