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Child Psychotherapy for Parents

Child Psychotherapy for Parents           reply
26/03/2012 09:41 - Announcements
This 6-week diploma is designed for parents who wish to understand the inner world of children. Children have surprising complex emotional lives and parents play a crucial role in their children’s developmental cycles and unconscious patterns, laying down the crucial bridgework from childhood to adulthood and facilitating growth, development and creativity. Childhood experiences of love and loss, sexuality and death establish patterns in the mind which have enduring effects and are often the source of later conflicts which block emotional and cognitive development. This course provides both educational and practical knowledge to parents in the job of parenting

Course Syllabus:

Please specify which age-group is of interest when applying:

(1) Infant: 0 - 6

(2) Toddler: 7 - 11

(3) Adolescent 12-18


Infants and Toddlers: Ages 0 – 11
The Family and the Child: the evolution of the family *
The First Year: ‘There’s no Such Thing as a Baby’
Nurturing Confidence and Self Esteem in Childhood
Understanding Childhood Anxiety - from Night Terrors to Tantrums
Setting Limits and Boundaries - Discipline, Building Initiative and Assertiveness

Adolescents and Teenagers: Ages 12-18
Developmental Tasks during Adolescence
The Family and the Peer Group
Positive Communication
Dealing with Challenging Behaviour
Mental Health Concerns in Adolescence
The Autonomous Adolescent

Start Date: 19th April 2012

Duration: 6 weeks- One Thursday evening per week

For more information or to register please contact or call 01 672 5058.

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