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Calling advice from Montessori Teachers..

re : Calling advice from Montessori Teachers..           reply
19/10/2011 21:48 - Pre-school / Montessori
Hi Nellie I was the very same as u no kids didn´t know much 3 years later I´m a class room leader in a Montessori just up the road from me I love it! There is 5 main subjects practical life- locks and keys, polishing, threading beads ect! Sensorial- all about size and dimensions! Pink tower and broad stair! Language kinda speaks for itself teaching them letters reading and writing! Maths teaching them numbers odd even numbers and culture- is all about the world! Circle time is most fun can include almost anything from putting on your coat to the planets news time and songs! And then u stick arts and crafts in there somewhere too! The session is from 9 to 12! The down side is where I am there is only one session in the mornings so I have to get another job in the afternoons! But would highly recommend the Montessori method for children and for yourself! Jobs at the min are hard to come by especially starting out! I did my course through portabello part time evening course in Carlow IT! Great course but expensive once ur gettin fetac level 6 I dunno does it matter who u go with! I got caught though I only got a minor award and had to go back to get my major award! It´s probably all in the one course now but make sure ur getting a major award! Also aistear and siolta is in everywhere too! So ul need to get informed on that too! I may be too late with my info but hope this helps! I still have all my college notes if u want them have a look ur more than welcome!

Calling advice from Montessori Teachers..           reply
23/08/2010 10:58 - Pre-school / Montessori (Locality: Kilkenny)
Hi folks,
I´m Nellie and this is my first post so all a bit new to this....
I am thinking about training to become a Montessori Teacher. I know this sounds silly but I don´t really know too much about the role and was hoping that someone might be able to fill me in with what a normal day is like, how they find working with children, any good books to read etc that might give me a bit of a better insight. I have never really worked with children before and have none of my own. I do however have neices and nephews who are great and gave me the idea to do this type of course. I think I would feel very uncomfortable going into an interview at present and only being able to give the answer "because i love kids" when they ask why I wish to do this.
Also it seems that there are a few different courses out there. Would anyone be able to tell me which would be the best to apply to. I´m located in the Kilkenny area and would only be able to train on a part time basis as have a full time job.
Any help, advice, words of wisdom etc would be very much appreciated.
Many thanks.

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