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Bullying coaches - rugby

re : Bullying coaches - rugby           reply
21/12/2007 18:40 - Bullying
Wazzup wazzup?

You might try the IRFU site at and
or even calling them, though I think you´re looking for a pre-college club team recommendation - I know theyre out there, just dont know them.

Good luck.

Bullying coaches - rugby           reply
19/12/2007 14:36 - Bullying
I am despairing over my teenage son (17). Is a v good rugby player who missed a full season due to ill health. Wasn´t fully well last season but played under a v dismissive coach, not a good year. This year TG, he´s fully well but has the same coach who has refused to let him play in the position he wants. tells him he will have to do as told or be dropped. has now dropped him down to a much lower level - one where the game is regarded as something social rather than competetively. DS totally devestated, coach has told other players he will never select him etc etc. DS says he has been ´shafted´ and the upshot of this is that his schoolwork has really suffered. He´s lethargic and not focused. Trying to fit in gym work on top of training to increase his strength in the hope of being selected - waste of time. No point in speaking to principal because he is fully supportive of the creepy coach. This guy is a young teacher but a total bully with a chip on his shoulder. I feel that we´ve lost all control. He was so happy at school and with his sport prior to this. Cd anyone recommend a rugby club in Dublin where there are good coaches, he really needs to have his confidence re-built? I´m not worried about the game but about what this rejection is doing to him. I know it happens to hundreds of players but I also know of men in their 40´s who have nightmares about schools rugby and I don´t want my son being one of them

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