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Bullying child and parent

Bullying child and parent           reply
13/12/2017 23:39 - Bullying
Have often read the story and thought how nasty never expecting would happen in our lovely school......we managed to get to 6th class before it did...... Birthday party !!!!!!! I received text from mum saying child is taking all his friends to a rugby match for his birthday and just to let you know your son is not invited !!!! Seriously who would do this to a child..who would actually send you message telling other than a nasty evil clarify we were not aware of any issue with the boys although we had noticed even though we often looked after the boy after school and gave lifts to activities this was never returned, he often tried to isolate our son in the park ( unsuccessfully) from the other kids but have never figured out why ......the worst is this mother works with children as an SNA and in youth groups so you would think would know how hurtful this was ....I have been in childcare for years and never could I bring myself or allow my son to do this to another child has this women been allowed to work with children especially a position that is to promote inclusion for all children.....thankfully our son will go to a different school from this boy and his many different types of bullies and we must remember its not just children that bully children, adults we least expect do......

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