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Bullying by parent

Bullying by parent           reply
25/09/2017 19:11 - Bullying
Parents too can be awful bullies within a school community causing much tension in the environment... accusing teachers, bom, pa members, other children and other parents of bullying them or their child when they don´t get their way over something. I was bullied by a parent ( and still ) when I refused to give into the most ridiculous request she made when I was on PA, basically i was to cancel an arranged fun event and let all the children miss out because she didn´t agree with it ( she still sent her child ) . Life was hell after, she spread malicious rumours about me, threatened my job as a child minder, verbally assaulted me, had me isolated from parents, jumped out in front of my car my child beside me to stop me taking him to school, he was terrified but the worst was she then verbally harassed him, he was 8 at the time. This was all because i was a parent trying to give what I could to my sons school because I saw it as the right thing to do. Not all PA or BOM are bad sometimes they have to deal with pure evilness that other parents dont see.

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