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Bullying by a teacher

re... : Bullying by a teacher           reply
07/10/2010 20:37 - Bullying
....and sometimes the bullying is boy against boy and even though the action is punishable according to a school behaviour policy, it is just "boys being boys". We wonder why so many of our kids are miserable, drunk and suicidal. We don´t exactly have the best reputation of caring for our kids, now do we?

Bullying by a teacher           reply
04/02/2010 08:35 - Bullying (Locality: Limerick)
MY son is in 3rd year in secondry school. He is been bullied by a teacher. I need advise on what steps to take as i have no faith in the school principal.

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13/05/2010 21:50 - Bullying
I don´t know all the details in the situations mentioned. What I do know is that the word ´Bullying´ is being overused and sometimes abused. It has become all too easy to blame every or any situation on ´bullying´. We seem to be becoming a nation of victims.
Bullying of a child by another child, where both parents claim their child is being bullied by the other has become quite common. When a child doesn´t like a teacher or when a teacher chastises a child, the teacher can often be accused of bullying.
I witnessed a most appalling incident of bullying recently of my son´s teacher by a parent. It was outrageous. The mother thought she had an audience so lay into the teacher in front of several of us parents. The child (and his friend) had been moved by the teacher to different places in the class on the previous day. The child didn´t like the new place as he was no longer beside his friend with whom he was apparently always messing (my son told me).
The parent shouted at the teacher and all but hit her. She said that the teacher had a nerve to move her son and how dare she? She said that just because she was a senior teacher in the school it didn´t mean that she (the parent) was afraid of her. She said that she wasn´t going to be bullied by anyone and certainly not by somebody like ´you´ (the teacher).
All the other parents cringed. This teacher is the most dedicated, kind, fair teacher you could meet.
I am relating this story purely to highlight that ´bullying´ is not always what it seems or how it is reported. Sometimes, children wind us parents up and all too often, the teacher is too soft a target. The most important thing is to make an appointment with the teacher and approach it with an open mind and remember that you have only heard one side of the story.

re... : Bullying by a teacher           reply
14/05/2010 09:26 - Bullying
and sometimes , the teacher does actually bully the child!! I have had this situation and i totally object to a twenty something yr old stripping a 12 yr old boy of his self esteem. My son was bullied by those in his class and this was sorted out AFTER he reacted to them and struck back ( no history in his life of ever hitting anyone) the school did sort out the bullying issuse after a neeting but the bolshie teacher now resents him in some way and is making his life hell on earth daily, she listens to his conversations in yard she follows him to the toilet and gives him no help with his work. smart answering him each time he asks a question, this is bullying and we are not a family of victims, but we have been a victim of the so called education system. you dont know what trouble is until you have a child who struggles academically then they(teachers) all become psychologists/ occ therapists and general nosy busy bodies, one even suggested a named medication for my child to help him sleep despite our protestations that he sleeps all night every night and is under the care of a family G.P. I am furious my son has been treated in the manner that he has been and i will be doing something about it!

re : Bullying by a teacher           reply
07/10/2010 22:33 - Bullying

across this on one of the other discussions on bullying

I thought it might be use to share some correspondence received from the Office of the Secretary General of the Department of Education and Science. While the letter is too long to include in full the following are relevant sections.

´Under the Education Act 1998, legally, all schools are managed, on behalf of the school Patron or Trustees, by school Boards of Management who employ the teachers at the school. The Board of Management is the body charged with the direct governance of a school and which has a responsibility to ensure that the school operates efficiently and effectively, and to provide for the safety and welfare of staff and students at the school. Given the legal position, as stated, regarding the responsibility of Boards for the management of schools, the Department´s role is to provide advice to parents and students on the operation of schools complaints procedures and to clarify for parents and pupils how grievances and complaints against schools can be progressed.

... The Department of Education and Skills takes issues of a child protection nature extremely seriously. The role of the Department in relation of allegations of child abuse is firstly to offer guidance and support to schools in implementing child protection policy, and secondly, to ensure that it brings any child abuse allegations that it receives to the attention of both the school concerned and the HSE, or Garda Shiochana....

... Having brought a complaint to the attention of the school Board of Management, in instances where a complainant remains unhappy with the investigation and handling of their complaint by a school Board, complainants may choose to bring the matter to the attention of the school Trustees/Patron

A complainant may also choose to refer a case to the Office or the Ombudsman for Children, who may investigate complaints about public services provided to children under the age of 18, including services registered with the Department of Education and Science, provided that local complaints procedures have first been fully followed´

this might help

re : Bullying by a teacher           reply
07/10/2010 22:27 - Bullying
if you think your child is being bullied by a teacher your first port of call is the headmaster as you have to go through him/her before you move up the food chain. If you get no satisfaction then you can move to the board of management. if your child has any witnesses to the bullying get their names because at present it is his word against the teachers.

hope this helps and good luck

re : Bullying by a teacher           reply
12/05/2010 13:20 - Bullying
My daughter is a 2nd year in secondary and is also being bullied by a teacher. She has dropped out of basketball because of the abusive attitude and has now dropped down from highrt level maths into a lower class just to get away from her too. i don´t know what to do as this teacher is also the deputy head of the school !

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