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Bullying           reply
11/01/2012 23:31 - Bullying (Locality: Dublin North)
Hi everyone. My name is Roisin. I am a member of a theatre company which specializes in teaching primary and secondary students about the dangers and effects of cyber bullying. We´ve been doing this for 3 years now.

I´m just wondering if you know if your child is being bullied or is bullying someone else, and how are you coping with this and what are you doing to try tackle the problem.

We are always trying to improove the bullying in schools and have been sucsessful in many location.

We´d like to hear from the parents now and see if we can offer any guidance to you.

Please reply and we can discuss it here on the thread or inbox.

Thank you and hope to hear from you all soon.

re : Bullying           reply
03/03/2012 15:58 - Bullying
Hi Rosin,
My name is June and presently me wonderful, intelligent, 12 year old son is being bullied in first year. This has been ongoing since sept when he first entered the school. He is a quiet child and very bright and I am worried about the effect this bully is going to have on him. I have been in contact with the school who promised they would sort the situation but once again yesterday the bully struck. I am seriously considering approaching this child myself but am worried about the reprecussions on my son during school hours. My sons father went to the school yesterday and asked for the bullys parents to be called into the school, i´m really not sure if this is going to make a difference. I am reluctent to take my son out of the school as he has an older brother going there and I really do feel if anyone´s life is to be disrupted it should be the bullys.. I really would appreciate any advise you could give me as I do not want this situation to escalate further or have a lasting effect on my son.
Thank You June

re... : Bullying           reply
01/04/2012 23:43 - Bullying
Hi June,
I´m very sorry to hear that your son is being bullied.
From experience, i think it is a good idea to call the childs parents in. I think yourself, your husband and child and the other childs parents with their child should sit with the principal and discuss the situation. If you act alone and target the child, this could lead to something very serious with you getting into alot of trouble. It´s best to organise a meeting. Keep an eye on your child at home. Make sure he´s not alone and keep his spirits up. Watch his homework and this could start to get affected also. Get your son to write down what is happening with the bully. In what way is he getting bullied. Some children might be too shy to say what is happening out loud.
In this meeting, let your child talk. Get him to express how he is feeling. Let him bring the letter to the meeting and show the principal. Then, let the other child talk. Find out why he is doing this. It could be something at home, something at school, no one knows unless he tells you why.
The teacher should also be present at this meeting, so they know to monitor both children in class.
I hope this advice helps, and if it doesn´t, please let me know and i´ll be only glad to give more. Look for me on facebook, i have a theatre company which travels to schools as an antibully drama group. I can´t advertise here but we´ll be delighted to help.

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