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re... : Bullying           reply
15/02/2010 12:12 - Bullying
Many thanks. Its not going to go away by the look of it this family are now seeking information about the days and time certain employees work and it is beginning to feel like serial bullying.

re : Bullying           reply
11/02/2010 21:41 - Bullying
sounds like an dreadful situation. From ur post you obviously know that the child actually wasn´t bullied which was found out after checking it out. No matter the outcome it doesn´t give anyone the right to stalk or intimidate anyone. it´s a very nasty business and if this stuff is happening in the car park or outside the school you should police involved and put a stop to the stalking before it gets out of hand. like with everything like this the more evidence you have the better. tell the person you are recording them on a voice recorder and that you´ll give it to the police if they refuse to steop this stalking. the school´s board should be able to ban the person from the school grounds. good luck

Bullying           reply
09/02/2010 17:21 - Bullying (Locality: Wicklow)
Children often feel bullied by teachers but this is usually not the case at all but rather a child´s perception. That is not to say it never happens. But what do you do with a parent who bullies other parents, teachers and children giving dirty looks, giving out and making unfounded accusations about people as well as stalking the teachers from the car park!!!!! Its a weird world we live in.

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