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Bullying           reply
22/05/2007 07:51 - Bullying
Hi Everyone

I need advice please about bullying. We are foreign and have been living in Ireland for the last 10 years. My son started school here and 2 years ago had to change schools because his closed down. In this new school is a boy with attention disorder and the child took an immediate dislike to my son. He eats his school supplies, hits him, kicks him, and in general causes a problems for my child. We told our son to ignore this and try and stay away from him. One day however I think he couldn´t stand it anymore and he pushed him after this boy kicked him again. We were called in and told that our son is ´violent´ and were not believed that he was only defending himself because we have never before reported the other bullying. The mother started a campaigne and children started to freeze my son out of games, activities etc. No matter how much we plead, ask and talk to the school, they refuse to help and we are being told that it is out of their hands. Any small instant though where my son does something like talk in class, he is being singled out about how bold he is. When he did extremely well in a written piece, the teacher was set upon by the mothers to find out why he was made a teachers pet. It has come to a point where my happy, sunny little 9-year old has become scared to go to school, and started wetting his bed recently. I was told by a teacher I shouldn´t worry about it, it´s because of my accent that they don´t like us. I don´t mind so much about me, but any parent will understand how it feels to have an unhappy child and you can do nothing about it. Please, what I need to know is, do I have any rights to take on this school? We have tried to find him another school but from 29 I have phoned, written to and filled in forms with, none has a place for him.

re : Bullying           reply
22/05/2007 16:00 - Bullying
Hi Yasmin,

I´m really sorry to hear about this terrible time your son is having. I would suggest that you ring the helpline number for the National Parents Council and see what advice they can give you, their number is 01-887477 and they are available from 10am to 3:30 Mon to Fri, bullying is one of the issues they deal with. They have a website too
I really hope they can advise you on how best to deal with your situation so your son can enjoy school again.

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