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Bahaviour not sure what to do help

Bahaviour not sure what to do help           reply
16/10/2015 09:12 - Behaviour / Discipline (Locality: Dublin North)
Dear Parent,

I hope you can help me, we do not what to do and what is going on with our nearly 15 years old daughter, since she started school she 3 time refused to go to school. We both with husband working so every morning i wake up her to school to give a lift ,but some mornings she just stays in bad and refuses to go to school, this week we had 2 associations like this.When she is in a good mood she promises she wont do it again, but every morning i am waking up her i do not not what to aspect, and its getting out of control, she is very emotional girl, and i am trying by best to be calm and ask her nicely to go to school, but she blocks me and keeps ignoring until time is out and i no choice just to leave her in bad.I readied a lot and did mostly all the advises i could find online for stress dealing anxiety teens, nut for now i am lost and this stage i don´t know what to do. Would i go and try to talk with school and explain what is going on and maybe they will be able to advise and help me? Highly appreciate your help and support.

re : Bahaviour not sure what to do help           reply
27/01/2018 20:15 - Behaviour / Discipline
Going to the school wont help,
Im not saying anything bad but she might be getting bullied in school maybe that could one reason.
》 speak to her and find out ways to help and tell school
Reason 2 she could be up late on internet and phone and not sleeping enough and to tired to go .
》 put timer on wifi so it will knock off at 10pm.
Reason 3 there is something she isnt telling could be friends or at home or in school.
Or maybe shes just a normal lazy 15 year old girl.
Let me kniw if can help anymore

re... : Bahaviour not sure what to do help           reply
28/01/2018 14:17 - Behaviour / Discipline
Alert school immediately... They´ll have met this many times before...they´ll help and advise you. Her head teacher may know something you don´t as yet or will start watching her for. Her lack attendance will have to be explained at some stage.
Its a parents responsibility to get a child into school so you´ll need start getting her up earlier and out. Sit her down, see if she´ll open up about things and then explain you won´t be leaving her home without her anymore. Is she then home alone all day?
Maybe build in a reward system at the same time, something to work towards and enjoy. If you do pocketmoney link it to school attendance perhaps. I used to work in a young offenders centre and clocking in before nine am was a monetary bonus monthly. Be positive rather than negative. Hopefully its just a teenage phase.

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