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BOM reps

re... : BOM reps           reply
27/02/2013 21:49 - Parents Associations
Unfortunately, I doubt that it would be possible to sit round and have coffee with someone who I perceived is being posionous within a committee and resolve the situation tactfully. However, if you were able to it would be great as I believe that all problems are down to communication, listening and understanding. Shane probably just a better person than me!

re : BOM reps           reply
27/02/2013 21:12 - Parents Associations
This is really a human issue, not a school regulations issue. Have a think about how you can manage this situation.
There are two parents reps on the BoM - could you arrange that they take turns, so that the poisonous one only gets half the chances to poison the meeting? Can you arrange to have two or three people briefed to counter the poison positions as soon as she comes out with them? Could you arrange to sit down with the BoM member over a coffee and explain your concerns?

BOM reps           reply
20/01/2013 20:06 - Parents Associations
just wondering how much involment should the parents reps from board of managment have at our parents assocc ex member of our committee has been elected onto the board as parent rep.they attend most of our meetings with a very neg vibe,questioning all we do and generally putting down most of our decisions and telling us when they were on comm. they did things this way etc. even getting personnel with certain comm. members.I am a new chairperson wondering if reps should have so much say...are they actually parent assocc committee members or a go between us and the school board?

re : BOM reps           reply
06/02/2013 13:19 - Parents Associations
Here are some of the facts : Parents in Catholic Schools don’t have any representatives on the Board. There are two parents on the Board but they aren’t allowed to represent Parents, an oxymoron. Parent Associations are constitutionally only allowed to support school. The Parents on the School Board are automatically in the Parents Association however not to hold officer positions. They are supposed to give a report to the Parents (and Association) of what is happening on the Board but not visa versa. The Board are also supposed to provide Parents with access to the Accounts, School Policies and School Plan, this certainly isn’t happening in my local school. I am presently in dispute with the BoM over this. The PA role is only to support school.
The individuals in question are entitled to hold any opinion they want, entitled to express this at a meeting, have a neg vibe and have done things in a particular way. This I would perceive is their problem not yours and just because something was tried once and didn’t work out should mean the group have learnt the pitfalls and are more likely to succeed the next time round. The individuals on the Board probably are well intentioned, just are finding it difficult to re-adjusting to their new roles.
I do think Parents should have a say in school and think the present system which allows them to be ignored is wrong, even if the present regulations cater for this.
If you want more info, I am presently setting up a site to gather relevant information for Parents with children in Primary & Secondary school, although the Schooldays site is excellent it is trying to cater for all groups.
The site address is:

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