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8 year old being bullied

re : 8 year old being bullied           reply
16/02/2010 11:30 - Bullying
Try the principal again. something HAS to be done abuot it that is disgracefull. If i was you i would be looking at other schools in the area because if it has escalated that far it doesn´t look likely to be simply fixed. If she has a bruise still I would photograph it as evidence.

re : 8 year old being bullied           reply
13/05/2010 22:36 - Bullying
I had a similar problem and was advised by the dept of ed and science to speak to the principal and if that failed to make a complaint in writing to the board of management. You may also contact the patron (usually the bishop) where problems remain unresolved.

In my case the bullying escalated to a point where I was left with no option but to remove my child from the school rather than allow him to be physically assaulted.

re : 8 year old being bullied           reply
16/02/2010 20:04 - Bullying
The poor little girl. I know what it is like as a parent to know that your child is being bullied and being so helpless in doing something about it.
The teacher´s response is very unsatisfactory. I suggest that you request a meeting with the principle and teacher to discuss this matter urgently. From what you have said about counselling and supporting your daughter, you have done all that you can do and now the school has to work with you to address this problem. Your daughter is entitled to her education and the school has a responsibility to deal with bullying. Perhaps you could move her to another class? Is there someone she is special friends with that could help to bring her into another group? I think that you need to insist with the school that this is dealt with immediately - your daughter has rights. I also think that the child who caused the bruise to your daughter has to be spoken to and her/his parents should be informed. You should be kept up to date on what happens there.
Can I also suggest that you look at Barnados website - they have some booklets on this subject which may be of use to you.
Please let me know how you get on.

8 year old being bullied           reply
15/02/2010 22:46 - Bullying
My 8 year old daughter has been bullied since entering Primary School. She
had suffered physical, verbal and emotional abuse by another child for 3
years. I had complained to the school and although the principal acted on
the information given to him, her teacher was very passive about it. That
thank god has stopped since the bully moved into another room. But new
students have arrived in the school and now she is suffering at the hands of
a group. She has been once again, verbally and physically bullied. She is
being excluded from games and group activities. If she tries to defend
herself, the bullies report her to their teacher. Yet, when she reports the
bullies to their teacher, that teacher is once again passive about it and
doesnt speak to them about it. She came home today with a large bruise on
her back from being punched repetitavely by one of the students while the
teacher was out of the classroom. At this stage i am at the end of the line
with this. We´ve had months of counselling for her and at home trying to
build her already dented confidence. I dont know what else i can say to her.
I would really appreciate some advice on this matter.

re : 8 year old being bullied           reply
15/06/2010 18:38 - Bullying
Hi, I´m very sorry that your daughter has been subjected to this type of behaviour. I suggest you keep a record of incidents that happen in school, of the action taken by you and the action taken by the school. It is the responsibility of the entire staff to ensure that all children are safe and treated with respect. The school should have an antibullying policy and there should be formal steps for the school to follow to deal with your complaint appropriately. I suggest you get the antibullying policy from the Principal and you ask him/her to clarify to you where your situation is in these proceedings e.g have you met with the other child´s parents? Are they aware of the their child´s behaviour? etc. It appears that the issue is not being formally addressed which it should. A letter should be written to BOM highlighting your dissatisfaction also.
hope this helps

re... : 8 year old being bullied           reply
16/06/2010 09:55 - Bullying
Hopefully the info above will be of use to those of you currently trying to protect your children from bullying... It has been my experience that your complaint will not be taken seriously until you begin to document everything and put your complaints (each and every one no matter how small) in writing to both the Principal, Board of Management and School Patron (usually the Bishop!)

Bullying falls under the heading of ´child abuse´ and schools have an obligation to comply with child protection guidlelines.

re... : 8 year old being bullied           reply
14/05/2010 23:17 - Bullying
I think that it is absolutely disgraceful that you´ve had to remove your child as a result. Your child has suffered enough without having to add to that by having to become fimiliar with a new school. I am genuinely sorry to hear that. We almost faced the same fate! I wish your child well in the new school and hopefully they can move on from this and forget what happened in the previous one.

re... : 8 year old being bullied           reply
16/06/2010 09:50 - Bullying
The topic of bullying is one that seems to occur frequently on discussion forums such as this and having spent quite a large of time writing letters to various departments etc in what has thus far been a pointless attempt to gain some understanding of why bullying, even in cases where it has been identified, goes largely unchallenged by those in positions to act to stop it.

I thought it might be use to share some correspondence received from the Office of the Secretary General of the Department of Education and Science. While the letter is too long to include in full the following are relevant sections.

´Under the Education Act 1998, legally, all schools are managed, on behalf of the school Patron or Trustees, by school Boards of Management who employ the teachers at the school. The Board of Management is the body charged with the direct governance of a school and which has a responsibility to ensure that the school operates efficiently and effectively, and to provide for the safety and welfare of staff and students at the school. Given the legal position, as stated, regarding the responsibility of Boards for the management of schools, the Department´s role is to provide advice to parents and students on the operation of schools complaints procedures and to clarify for parents and pupils how grievances and complaints against schools can be progressed.

... The Department of Education and Skills takes issues of a child protection nature extremely seriously. The role of the Department in relation of allegations of child abuse is firstly to offer guidance and support to schools in implementing child protection policy, and secondly, to ensure that it brings any child abuse allegations that it receives to the attention of both the school concerned and the HSE, or Garda Shiochana....

... Having brought a complaint to the attention of the school Board of Management, in instances where a complainant remains unhappy with the investigation and handling of their complaint by a school Board, complainants may choose to bring the matter to the attention of the school Trustees/Patron

A complainant may also choose to refer a case to the Office or the Ombudsman for Children, who may investigate complaints about public services provided to children under the age of 18, including services registered with the Department of Education and Science, provided that local complaints procedures have first been fully followed´

re... : 8 year old being bullied           reply
07/10/2010 00:02 - Bullying
Thank you, exquisite, for your informative post.

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