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2 year old sons behaviour

re : 2 year old sons behaviour           reply
10/07/2014 11:17 - Behaviour / Discipline
Hi, I´m having the same problem ( more hitting than biting) with my son, I found great advice on David Coleman´s website but I see Mother Hen has given almost the same above, he said also to give lots of praise when they do share or play gently etc but the same advice about just removing from the situation with a short rebuke, our creche is using the naughty step and I am convinced he hasn´t a clue what they´re trying to tell him, it´s better just to remove him, let him see I disapprove and give the other (injured!)child more attention than he gets for the bad behaviour, I´m seeing an improvement already. Good luck, it´s a terrible feeling that other children or adults think of your son as the "bold boy" when you know they´re normally a lovely little child

2 year old sons behaviour           reply
13/03/2012 13:13 - Behaviour / Discipline
Hi guys
just wondering if i can get some advice.I have a two year old son who is very friendly little boy and very sociable towards other children always kissing and hugging them etc, but in the last few months he has started biting, he seems to go through phrases where he bites over a period of a few days and then he will stop. We have been using the "naughty" step but as he is only two i dont think he fully understands this yet, he will sit there for 2 mins and say sorry but it only works for the short term. Also more recently he has also started hitting and pushing, again we use the step but this only works short term. As i said before he is very loveable little boy but its starting to get embarrassing.I would greatly appreciate some advice!!

re : 2 year old sons behaviour           reply
14/03/2012 12:04 - Behaviour / Discipline
Firstly just to reassure you that this is normal behaviour for many 2 year olds. No need to be embarrassed – the chances are that the children who get hit or bitten now will do the same themselves at some stage, if they haven’t already. A lot of children go through different phases of biting, kicking, hitting and pushing (not all at the same time necessarily!)
As far as possible, try to remain calm and not give him much attention for it – try to refrain from any emotional reaction as it just feeds the problem. One suggestion when you see such behaviour is just to physically remove him from the situation, giving him direction as to what the more appropriate behaviour is (e.g. ‘Ah Ah, no biting, play nice and gentle with the other little boy’). You need to let him know that biting etc. is wrong, but you need to put emphasis on what he can do instead (eg playing gently, sharing, taking turns, etc.) If he tends to go straight back into the situation and does it again, this time just physically remove him without saying anything (gently, calmly) and withdraw attention from him.
You might have to do that a few times. Positive attention can be returned when he says sorry, or when he plays appropriately. Its also useful to acknowledge his feelings – for instance if he bites or hits because another child won’t give him the toy he wants, get down eye-to-eye with him and say you know he’s sad/angry/upset because he wanted the toy. Then show him something he can play with instead, try to distract and get him back into play.
The ‘naughty’ step often takes a while to be successful, especially with children so young. Sometimes its only when they really understand the association with being ‘naughty’ or ‘bold’ that they begin to dislike it – for a while it seems to run off them like water off a duck’s back! And equally they have to learn empathy – at the moment he may be saying sorry without really understanding what that means, or feeling any empathy. Its all learning and even another 6 months can make a big difference.
Remember – this too will pass!

re... : 2 year old sons behaviour           reply
18/03/2012 21:36 - Behaviour / Discipline
thanks for the advice!

re... : 2 year old sons behaviour           reply
10/12/2012 12:30 - Behaviour / Discipline
This is very normal for 2 year child. At this time, their teeths start coming, therefore, they feel irritation in their gums. That is why they bite people. This will automatically stop once the teeths will be out.

re... : 2 year old sons behaviour           reply
23/09/2019 20:54 - Behaviour / Discipline
Thanks for your advice.

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