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2 Year old Severe Tantrums Pls advise

re : 2 Year old Severe Tantrums Pls advise           reply
07/06/2011 12:38 - Behaviour / Discipline
when my son was between 18 months right up to 3 years tantrums were pretty bad but just to reassure you i think it is very much related to his age and not being able to express what he wants, hence the extreme frustratrion, once he finds those words he will be a different boy...boys a bit slower to catch on to the talking thing so give it time. It is hard not to feel upset tho I know what you are going through, there were times when I sat on the boldstep myself to escape him!! Great kid now though and all is well.

2 Year old Severe Tantrums Pls advise           reply
09/05/2011 13:01 - Behaviour / Discipline
Going mad at this stage now, My son is 2.5yrs old, a couple of times a day he will throw a tantrum but now in a normal way as i would call it. He runs around and throws himself on the ground but smacks his head off the ground as if he things im going to run over to him with fright? Ive gone to the stage where i have just had to ignore him.

Has anyone else been through this head banging experience with children and what did you try to solve, he has constantly bumps and marks/bruises on his head ???

re : 2 Year old Severe Tantrums Pls advise           reply
10/05/2011 10:17 - Behaviour / Discipline
Tantrums are relatively a normal stage of development as a child discovers their own will and independence. If your child is throwing a tantrum, it is very important (although difficult) that you remain calm. If you get upset, your reactions are likely to make the tantrum worse. The key goal for you in when your child is throwing a tantrum is to get him to calm down.
So what can you do? Firstly, try to ignore the tantrum if possible. By doing so, he may realise that he is not getting attention for this behaviour. It is important however, that if he does calm down, you give him attention immediately so that he understands that attention will be given but not while he is in a tantrum.
Another technique which works very well with this age group is distraction. For example, you may see a bird on the window ledge and say “oh look at the bird”. This may distract your son from his tantrum and his interest will then be in looking at the bird. Many types of distraction can work, for example, if he is crying for something you may offer an alternative such as “lets play with the blocks”.
Another technique is to soothe him. Perhaps hug him and use a soothing tone to calm him down. “Oh now, you are very upset aren’t you?”. He may calm down and accept what you have said and then you can further distract him with an alternative – for example “why don’t we do some colouring?”
You can try using the above techniques together – perhaps soothing and distraction will work well for your child. Try it out and see what works best for you. Remember, try to stay calm yourself and don’t get drawn into the tantrum and become upset too! That will only worsen the situation for you both.

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