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St Wolstan's Community School

Phone: 01-6288257

st wolstans community school rollnumber 91505T

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Mme. SHEEHY Yvonne St Wolstan          
04/29/2009 03:20 PM - (share to everyone)
To the French teacher or to whom it may concern,

I am writing to you on behalf of the twinning committee of Voiron, in the south east of France. I am Irish, from Co. Tipperary, but have been living in France for the last 17 years. My colleagues from the twinning committee would love to twin up with an English speaking country and they have a big preference for Ireland. Recently I talked to Mrs. Maria ROCHE from the twinning Committee of Co. Kildare in view of an eventual twinning with a town in CO. Kildare. She suggested for me to contact the local secondary schools to see if you would be interested in an eventual student exchange so as to tie some bonds with your county.

The reason why I contacted Mrs. ROCHE of the Twinning Committee is because I have a brother living in Celbridge, so I have been there quite a few times. I have done my research and found that Celbridge has about the same population as Voiron, which is one of the criteria for being able to twin with another town. Also, it is very practical to get there so it would be easy to do exchanges. We have an airport about 20 minutes from us and have low cost flights with Ryanair. Our goal is to have strong ties with your town and have numerous cultural and educational exchanges with our youth.

Would it be possible for you to let me know if a student exchange is possible or if not, who I could contact in Celbridge, or a town that depends of Celbridge, to see if an eventual twinning is possible? If you need any other information, please don´t hesitate to contact me. Thank you for any eventual information you can give me.

Best regards,

27 Rue Du Belvdre
38500 VOIRON

00 33 (0)476673048
00 33 (0)476912500
00 33 (0)685411416

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