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St Mary's Knockbeg College

Phone: 059-9142127

st marys knockbeg college rollnumber 61130H

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Tom Murphy St Mary          
07/03/2008 01:17 PM - (share to everyone)
What are the fees for boarding in Knockbeg?

Patrick Dinan 08/28/2008 09:38 PM -
Can you please advise is it fulltime boarding or Monday to Friday only, many thanks, Pat Dinan

Fiona Quinn 11/13/2008 12:00 AM -
hi can you send me some information - on the boarding school side of things - eg fees ,classes , ages you take etc.many thanks , Fiona

Schooldays 11/13/2008 11:04 AM -
We´ve put a website link above to Knockbeg College for those of you wanting further info on boarding. Below is an extract from a note on the college website re boarding facilities. Remember if you want to contact the college you must ring or email them directly - you cannot contact them through this discussion board.
"Knockbeg College will phase out its 5-Day boarding programme from September 2007. The programme continues to be an integral part of Knockbeg and a priority in all our planning and development. We aim to enable and empower our students to acquire the self-confidence, academic qualifications, life-skills and attitudes to lead satisfying lives which should contribute to the betterment of the Church and society. Boarders can return to the College on a Sunday evening or a Monday morning. The boarding facility will close in June 2011."

lisa 01/29/2009 12:00 PM -
Can you tell me what the fees are. many thanks lisa

Margaret Ryan 04/23/2009 06:53 PM -
Could you tell me what the fees are for non boarding. I would be interested in enroling my son he is 11 this june and has attended C.T.Y.I since he was 7 years old.

Henry Roberts 05/20/2009 01:04 PM -
Regarding fees for day-boys (i.e. those who don´t board), the college normally charges around 120 per student. Mainly to cover administration costs. Parents will also be encouraged to buy Lotto tickets throughout the year. However, there is an option to pay 60 at the beginning of the year for a yearly lotto ticket, which proves to be more cost effective.

There seems to be a misconception that Knockbeg is a fee paying school. I assure you, it´s not.

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