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St Andrews College

Phone: 01-2882785

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Kyia Hawton St Andrews College          
04/29/2009 10:47 AM - (share to everyone)
My son is asking to go to St Andrews next year as he has a love of maths and he told me that they have a very good maths teacher there. Is there a really good maths teacher there. I don´t want to pay out a fortune in fees only to find another teacher who does not know how to teach maths.

joan 05/16/2009 08:37 PM -
Hello, im a student in andrews, the maths department in andrews is very good, especially a teacher called ms caroll. There is one teacher who is absoluty awful, no idea whats going on and does nt understand the irish system as he´s from the UK. Great school though :)

Robby 06/18/2009 08:43 PM -
Hello All, My son just started JI last september in St Brigids, FoxRock. I heard about St Andrews and was going to put his name for secondary ( maybe wishfull thinking since it seems so difficult to get a place there), however my question is : Since it is a Church of Ireland sponsored school, do you guys think they will not accept my boy or even more so, do you think it could cause problems of adaptation for my son? thank you

Orla 06/19/2009 09:34 AM -
I don´t have kids there myself Robby but from what I hear it´s a fairly inclusive school. I know a lot of kids/parents attending there and theyare all different religions - doesn´t seem to be an issue. Quite a few of my daughters friends will be starting there in september and they all come from the local ´catholic´ school. I think your biggest problem will be getting your son in. Would go ahead and put his name down now to be in with a chance. You can then make your decision at a later stage if he gets a place.

Robby 06/19/2009 12:48 PM -
Thanks a lot for the feedback Orla. I have downlooaded the form and will drop in also to check it out the school personally.

take care,


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