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Course Ref: SD0522
Fun with Clay in the Classroom
Teaching with Confidence

4th July– 19th August
20 hours


Would you like to teach the Clay Construction Curriculum with confidence?

Would you like to learn and practice the key elements, skills and techniques of clay construction with professional support?

Do you need help with choosing projects and developing lesson plans for different age groups that can be delivered to a high standard?

Course Objectives

This course, developed by Artzone, is for any teacher of primary school children who wants to take their clay construction lessons to the next level. We will help you understand the aims and directions provided within the visual arts curriculum. We will demonstrate the core skills and techniques of Clay Construction and guide you through how to teach them. The course is full of practical tips and ideas to ensure you maximise your clay experience. You will learn to use and adapt sample lesson plans, incorporating your students imaginative design, to deliver great learning and results consistently across all age groups.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course you will :
  • have gained confidence in the key elements, skills and methods for teaching and creating clay constructions.
  • have an understanding of how clay construction projects can be implemented incrementally on a whole school basis.
  • have the confidence to break clay construction projects into key elements, skills and stages.
  • have the necessary skills to take on high quality clay construction projects with your students.
  • have the ability to take on a wider range of clay construction projects with confidence.
  • be able to choose and plan projects relevant to each class (group) stage of the Visual Arts Curriculum.
  • understand the links between visual arts education and STEM.
  • appreciate how the language of art can contribute to overall student vocabulary and literacy
  • understand the well-being benefits of learning and practicing art.
  • obtain the necessary tools for developing an effective whole-school clay construction programme, within the context of the School Self Evaluation process.

Course Modules

Module 1a:
1.1 The Visual Arts Curriculum
1.2 The benefits of Art Education
1.3 Planning and teaching Clay Construction
1.4 Tips and tools for teaching Clay

Module 1b:
1.5 Clay Construction - key skills and methodologies
1.6 Teaching the Art Elements with Clay Construction
1.7 Starting, developing and finishing Clay Projects

Module 2:
2.1 Junior & Senior Infants Curriculum
2.2 Sample Projects for Junior & Senior Infants

Module 3:
3.1 1st & 2nd Class Curriculum
3.2 Sample Projects for 1st & 2nd Class students

Module 4a:
4.1 3rd & 4th Class Curriculum
4.2 Sample Projects for 3rd & 4th class students
4.3 Introduction to Papier Mache construction.

Module 4b:
4.4 School Self Evaluation and Visual Arts

Module 5:
5.1 5th & 6th Class Curriculum
5.2 Sample Projects for 5th & 6th Class students
5.3 Teaching balance and proportion through Portraiture

Feedback from our previous summer course participants

  • This course creates a dynamic and reflective online-learning space effectively and empowers particpants 'professional practice in the Visual Arts' curriculum strand of clay' - DOE Inspection Report
  • I really enjoyed the course.  I thought it was pitched perfectly for primary school teachers.
  • Loved the way this course was broken down according to class groupings.
  • Lesson plans for downloading and printing will be very helpful
  • I thought the step by step instructions were great.

Enrolment Closed for 2022

This course has been approved by the Department of Education & Skills as part of the 2022 Courses programme for PrimaryTeachers. Access to the course will be available from 4th July to 19th August 2022. On completion of the course qualifying teachers will receive a CPD Certificate and will qualify for 3 EPV Days.

The course will also be open from 4th July to SNAs, Secondary School Teachers, Childcare Workers, Childminders and Parents who feel that they may benefit from the course

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