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sleeping without a soother.

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15/07/2010 16:18 - Ask Mother Hen
hi there lianne here, thanks for all the tips, he went to bed last night and never asked for the soother and even when he woke to go to the loo he went straight back to sleep, so lets hope he keeps it up, thanks again

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14/07/2010 12:16 - Ask Mother Hen
Hi Lianne
What we did when we wanted our oldest son to up his soother (he was 3.5 yrs) was we made a real big thing out of it. It was round Xmas so we put it in a special box with a note to Santa saying he was a big boy now and would Santa take it away and give him an extra special present as he was so good!!
A good friend of mine also used this idea but used the Tooth Fairy idea instead of santa and did the same thing. We both ´wrote notes´ back to the kids and they were delighted. You can try that and hope that works for you.

sleeping without a soother.           reply
14/07/2010 12:09 - Ask Mother Hen
My son loves his soother at night and he bit a hole in it, which made his mouth sore so he put it in the bin. Tonight will be the first night he will go to bed without one,and not sure how he wil react, he knows that he is to big and i told him that the shops had no soothers left. He is 4years old. any advice for the night ahead, thanks a mill.

re... : sleeping without a soother.           reply
14/07/2010 16:15 - Ask Mother Hen
thanks for the tips,

re... : sleeping without a soother.           reply
15/07/2010 10:28 - Ask Mother Hen
Hi Lianne,
we recently had an article on the use of soothers (Soothers, Friend or Foe) and gave the following tips on helping your child to ´give up´ the soother. The ´santa´ and ´fairies´ idea is in our tips also, but maybe the other tips may be of interest too.

Giving Up The Soother
So what about when you want the child to give up the soother? Many children is stop using the soother on their own, between the age of 2 and 4. In some cases, the child will not stop voluntarily and you may need to encourage and help your child to stop. Chat to other parents for tips about how they weaned their child off the soother and consider some of the following suggestions:
- Reduce the use by using star charts with reward stickers to encourage your child to gradually wean themselves off the soother.
- Use distraction to take the child’s mind off the soother when they look for the soother.
- Talk about your child being a ‘big boy’ or a ‘big girl’ now to encourage them to stop
- If someone you know has a new baby, suggest that he/she gives the soother to the baby
- Arrange to leave the soother out for the ‘fairies’ or ‘santa’ and when they take it away, they will leave a small reward

I hope this helps!

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