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petition against an increase in pupil/teacher ratio in budget 2011

petition against an increase in pupil/teacher ratio in budget 2011           reply
24/11/2011 20:36 - Education Cutbacks
Please sign the petition linked below (don´t know how to make it ´clickable´ ....sorry)´ll be signing to protect the future of our children.

The government is considering raising pupil teacher ratio....possibly by as much as 3 in the upcoming budget.

This may not sound like much....what´s an extra 3 pupils @ class?

However, as this will raise the retention figure required to ´keep´ teachers on staff, the reality is that it will result in schools all over the country losing teachers.

Their classes will be split up, into existing classes, often resulting in multiclass situations and, due to logistical problems, pupils being unavoidably split into different classes away from their friends.

All classes will be further overcrowded....all children will lose out but most especially those with special learning/behavioural/physical needs, particularly in light of the recent cutbacks in Special Needs Assistants and cutbacks in resource hours for those most vulnerable.

Parents of children without SEN, should be aware that an increase in pupil teacher ratio, coupled with said cutbacks for those with special needs, will impact hugely on the amount of individual attention the class teacher will be able to give to ALL pupils....while doing his/her best to deliver an overloaded curriculum while ´crowd controlling....and attending to individual needs.

EVERY parent needs to oppose any attempt to increase the PTR to help ensure that EVERY child has a chance to achieve his/her please sign the petition below to allow your voice be heard....and alert your family/friends/neighbours to the need to have their voices heard too.....ASAP!!

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