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cleaning his bum after going to the loo,

re : cleaning his bum after going to the loo,           reply
26/07/2010 11:09 - Ask Mother Hen
You can try to get your little boy involved and rewarded for taking over this task himself by using pictures and star charts. Firstly, help your son to draw a sequence of pictures around the process of cleaning his bottom after a poo. For example, picture one could be him sitting on the loo, picture 2 is taking some toilet roll, picture three is wiping his bottom, picture four is flushing the loo, picture five is washing his hands, picture six is him and you with a smile on your faces because you are both happy. This could be something that you draw together and stick on the wall of the loo - you can help him the first few times to work to the pictures and talk through each one, all the time encouraging and praising his efforts.
The second thing I would advise is to create a star chart based on this process. Each time he cleans his bottom himself, he gets a star on the chart. Again, praise and encourage him when he gets a star and use double encouragement whenever possible (for example, while your son is there, tell his Dad how great he was and show him that he got another star). Give some type of reward each time he gets a certain number of stars. This could be a number of sweets, an extra bedtime story, extra playtime and so on.
Eventually it should settle down to him being able to clean himself without too much bother!
Best of luck - let us know how you get on!

cleaning his bum after going to the loo,           reply
21/07/2010 15:05 - Ask Mother Hen
hi there, any advice for me my little boy is due to start national school in september, the thing is after he has gone to the loo he will not wipe his own bum and i have tried everything under the sun but he will not clean himself, he will not poo in playschool as he will not clean himself so he will hold it until he gets home,he wont even let his dad clean him,i need to get to the bottom of this before he starts big school any advice would be great thanks,

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