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choosing a primary school?

choosing a primary school?           reply
03/02/2010 19:44 - Ask Mother Hen (Locality: Galway)
My daughter is due to start primary school this September. We live out in the country and there are 2 schools both within a mile of where we live. One school only has 2 teachers. They have about 40 kids in the school altogether. This school has been highly recommended to us by 2 different people -one a parent. They have access to computers in the school and bullying is not heard of also in this school. The other school which is a 4 teacher one has double the amount of pupils. The 4 teacher school has access to a sna and the 2 teacher school doesn´t. Thats all that I know really about the 2 schools. I haven´t visited either school yet, I´m not sure if this would help me make up my mind! I have to enroll my daughter after Easter so I only have a couple of weeks left to make my decision. Any advice would be really appreciated! Thanks.

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