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behaviour problems

behaviour problems           reply
14/12/2009 10:38 - Ask Mother Hen (Locality: Dublin South)
Hey All I am new to the site and have a problem . There is a boy 9yrs in my daughters class he has been diagnosed with dyspraxia and has one to one help in the classroom . over the passed 3 months he has become very disruptive in class and has lashed out on several occasions. Recently the children had to be removed from the classroom while several members of staff tried to calm him down and remove him from the school. He also talks about bringing in a knife to get the people he does not like !!! The principle, although very approachable says she cannot do anything or talk about him for confidentially reasons we are very concerned as even a pencil could end up being a weapon in his hands . We do not want to turn this into a withch hunt but are very concerned, any advice ?

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