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baby wont stop crying

baby wont stop crying           reply
20/08/2015 13:35 - Ask Mother Hen (Locality: Cavan)
I am a Childminder and I´ve started minding a 9month old baby who won´t stop crying . She won´t let me put her down and as soon as I pick her up she stops. This goes on all day help!!

re : baby wont stop crying           reply
20/08/2015 19:48 - Ask Mother Hen
I feel it´s easier start a new baby at 6 mths as they haven´t as much cop on as 9 mth old...perhaps be ready with the buggy in morning and go for quick walk to distract...or use a sling....Let the baby come with favourite toy or blanket...have you done a few short settling in sessions so baby will know mum or whoever will come back...
Hope it works out as crying baby terrible hard on all, especially if youv other childminded kids

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