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a grounded child

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25/06/2013 09:05 - Ask Mother Hen
no they wanted her to kept in.the older sister.even told her that the little sister is grounded.the father told the oldest to tell the minder.shes not allowed out. this has happened a couple of times.the child was allowed out as soon as one of the parents arrived home.if she is grounded.then it should be right through.not just when the minder has her.from what my freind tells seems to be.let the minder deal with it.

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30/06/2013 13:32 - Ask Mother Hen
if a parent.grounds a child.then that should be enforced on parents weekends

a grounded child           reply
24/06/2013 19:53 - Ask Mother Hen
hi really appreciate.some advice on this.
a freind of mine looks after 2 girls in their own home.a couple of times one of them has been grounded.over very minor things .shes not allowed out.and no one comes in.i might be wrong.but i dont think that a childminder should have to deal with that.if a parent grounds a should be on there watch.not on the minders.from what i soon as the parents got home.the child was let out to play.i think anything like that should be left to the weekend.when the parents are at home.but in this case. its let the minder deal with it.
ps.the parents dident even have the decency. to tell her the child was grounded.the child had to tell her.

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25/06/2013 07:34 - Ask Mother Hen
If the parents didn´t tell the minder that the child was grounded maybe the parents didn´t expect or want the minder to enforce the rule when minding the child. Best for the minder to check this with the parents rather than enforcing it just because the child told her about it.

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