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Tourette Syndrome has some co-occurring conditions

Tourette Syndrome has some co-occurring conditions           reply
13/11/2009 13:32 - Special Needs / Tutors Required
Do you believe your child may have Tourette Syndrome? Have you mentioned this to their teacher? Many years ago my son was making unusual faces, sometimes his head/neck would jerk uncontrollably, he made funny noises and cleared his throat a lot. His teacher mentioned this to me and I could not believe it. He was doing all this at home, but we didn´t think it was happening in school. We finally asked our GP for a referral to a Neurologist as we believe he had Tourette Syndrome. His teacher had seen an article in a teacher magazine describing this often misunderstood condition. We are very grateful to her for pointing this out. He is now 21 and leading a good life and has accepted his condition. If you would like more information on this condition and you are a teacher, please contact TSA Ireland - for further details of their National Conference on 28th November. The Conference will focus on The Conference will focus on diagnosis, co-occurring conditions, treatment, classroom interventions and support for families. - our website has full Conference Programme with guest speakers. You too can learn how to support a child with TS in your classroom. Occasionally other conditions can co-occur with TS, eg., ADHD, OCD and other conditions. This complicates how best to support a child with TS. Learn more about it on 28th November - Ashling Hotel, Dublin. Registration begins at 11.30 a.m. Please Register if you wish to attend.

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