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Sending daughter to Montessori at 2.5 years or not?

Sending daughter to Montessori at 2.5 years or not?           reply
01/07/2013 22:23 - Ask Mother Hen (Locality: Meath)
Hi everyone,

I´m needing a bit of advice. Having recently moved from Scotland to Ireland. I was a bit surprised to see that children here can start primary school at 4 years old as supposed to being 5 years old in scotland. In scotland it is compulsory for children to start nursery (pre-school) as 3 years old. Here i´ve been told that children are currently getting a free pre-school year so that would be similar. I´m considering sending my 3rd little one, to a montessori/play group for 2 mornings a week as I feel this might help her getting started for pre-school by getting interaction with other children her age.

There isn´t much for the kids here where i´m staying at the moment. There is a parent and toddler group that is on twice a week but its not that great but its all we have. It is really different as in my old town back in scotland, there was access to 6 parent toddler groups, 2 play centres and 3 play parks. Right now a trip to the local park in trim is 10 minutes by car.

The thing is i would be paying privately for my daughter to attend the playgroup as she can´t access free pre-school year till she is 3. I´m a housewife so it´s not like i´ll be going to work whilst she is there. I was a childminder previously in scotland so there was always plenty interaction for her with other children then. Now she´s on her own own once the older kids go to school.
Wondering what other options i could have or should i wait till i can access her free pre-school year. She is very advanced for her age as she copies her older siblings so perhaps i feel she needs a bit more.

Sorry for rambling on, thanks.

re : Sending daughter to Montessori at 2.5 years or not?           reply
17/09/2013 08:49 - Ask Mother Hen
Hi Shaz - welcome to Ireland! I sent my daughter to preschool at 2.5yrs for 2 mornings a week and then when she turned 3 she was 3 weeks short of the date for her free year so I paid for her to go to preschool 3-4 mornings a week and she has just started her free year this year. I would send your DD if I were you - most people do send the little ones for a morning or 2 before the free year if they can afford it. Once she is toilet trained the preschool will be happy to take her. Hope that helps. ;)

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