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School tours - too much pressure on parents

School tours - too much pressure on parents           reply
05/03/2010 15:04 - School Trips
Hi there, I´m a freelance journalist writing a piece on school tours for primary and secondary students.
I´ve heard from some parents and teachers that a number of schools aren´t running them this term to ease the pressure on parents, something that´s very understandable.
Those that are running them are tending to stick with tours in Ireland I´ve heard, rather than going abroad, and are taking a more educational-based approach, rather than the skiing trips and soccer excursions that have been popular over the last few years.
Just wondering what people´s views are on this? Are there any parents worried about paying for school tours, particularly if you´ve a few children in primary school?
Are there any teachers who have decided to leave the trip this year because of the recession?
Are there any tips that teachers have for running affordable school trips?
And would parents agree that a move towards trips that tie in with the curriculum is a good thing:?

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