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STike on Thursday

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01/12/2009 14:48 - Education Cutbacks
Still no definite word on the lunchtime news but looking less likely. That said, just got an email from my kids school saying no school on thursday. All very confusing as in the absence of anything definite, schools have to go ahead and plan to close. Heard that HSE have started cancelling admissions and operations for Thursday. Presumably we´ll know something definite by evening news.

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01/12/2009 17:40 - Education Cutbacks
Just heard on TV 3 news a fews minutes ago that strike scheduled for thursday is cancelled.

STike on Thursday           reply
01/12/2009 13:30 - Education Cutbacks
Do we have any idea if this strike is going ahead?

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01/12/2009 16:21 - Education Cutbacks
Schools are in a difficult position I suppose. Trying to notify of the possibility of closure on Thursday yet waiting on word on national news to confirm what the actual situation is going to be. It´s like asking somebody the exact time at which a plane is going to arrive into an airport - You are at the mercy of the airline company, the weather, the fact that the flight could be cancelled..... etc and just cannot give a definitive answer - only what you have been told yourself. Schools are in that kind of limbo situation at the moment.

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