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Repeat Leaving Cert or PLC course.

Repeat Leaving Cert or PLC course.           reply
21/08/2014 16:22 - Ask Mother Hen
My son did not get the required points for his course. He´s now so very confused as what to do next, a PLC course as a means to get into university or repeat his Leaving. Will a PLC course be successful or is it safer to go back to school. We have made some enquiries and we have got such conflicting views that we are now more confused than ever. All I can say is he is determined to get to university. Please can you help us decide.

re : Repeat Leaving Cert or PLC course.           reply
22/08/2014 10:09 - Ask Mother Hen
Hi Starlight
Your son obviously has a particular course and college in mind which he hopes to get in to next year. If possible, I would suggest you contact the college and see if you can talk to the course director or someone appropriate for their advice on whether the PLC would be beneficial and help with his admission chances next year.

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