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Primary school in Kells

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14/10/2006 09:49 - Choosing a School / Application Procedures
Hi Dee,
The best way of finding out about schools in your area is to ask parents of children who are already attending schools in the location. Ask about resources available in the school, are there learning support teachers if the need arises, how is discipline handled, etc etc. When you have this information you can then ring and make an appointment to see the principal.

Best of luck to you and your young son.

Primary school in Kells           reply
12/10/2006 21:28 - Choosing a School / Application Procedures
Hi I´m not long living in Kells I relocated from Dublin,

I have a son that is due to start school next year, he´s my first and to be brutally honest I haven´t a clue what to do.

In Dublin I knew the schools were they were and how good they were. Here I looked up the yellow pages and the list goes on, I am not even sure which ones are actually in the town of Kells and which ones are just outside, I want a good school preferably mixed in the town of Kells.

The other thing is what do you do to register their name, I have rang a couple of numbers and either there was no answer or I was told to call when the principle was available, I don´t know when the Principles are available so I don´t know when to phone back.

God I feel so stupid. Can anyone advise me how I go about registering my son and which is a good primary school in the town of Kells. All suggestions very welcomed.
Many thanks

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