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Pony Camps - is 6yrs too young?

Pony Camps - is 6yrs too young?           reply
30/03/2007 19:50 - Afterschool Activities
Anyone think 6yrs (girl) is too young for pony camp. I´ve a friend who is agonising over whether to let her daughter go. Personally I would be hesitant - not sure if I would have the confidence that such young kids would be well enough supervised all the time around large animals. Are we being over cautious?

re : Pony Camps - is 6yrs too young?           reply
04/04/2007 14:41 - Afterschool Activities
Don´t think 6 is too young Fizz but make sure you check out the Horseriding centre yourself and get recommendations from other parents re supervision. I had a bad experience with my daughter (when she was 7) where she got concussion from falling off ..... no not the horse ...but haystacks when they were playing unsupervised ... ended up in hospital overnight. Think it´s good to start them young with the horseriding once you find the right riding school.

re... : Pony Camps - is 6yrs too young?           reply
16/09/2007 17:21 - Afterschool Activities
Is she riding regularly and comfient in the saddle??If so, talk to her instructor and get their opinion abot the camp and if she´s able for what they will be doing

re... : Pony Camps - is 6yrs too young?           reply
22/04/2008 16:42 - Afterschool Activities
way too young to learn anything...
many at that age cant take instruction....
as a teacher I would think it would be too dangerous
some of the multi camps would be better siuted

re... : Pony Camps - is 6yrs too young?           reply
10/06/2008 11:36 - Afterschool Activities
Six years old is not too young. In fact children as young as four can do pony camps successfully. With children this young it is advisable to ask a riding school to do an assessemnt and then decide whether the child is suitable for a week camp or just a couple of days.

Naturally certain children are more suitable than others but it is not correct to state that pony camps are not suitable for all young children.

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