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Parents/Teachers/Tutors of 2-4 year olds with autism

Parents/Teachers/Tutors of 2-4 year olds with autism           reply
08/07/2015 09:10 - Special Needs / Tutors Required
To parents (or teachers/tutors) of 2-4 year olds: please consider following the link to complete a short survey. I would be so grateful for your help with this very important early intervention research! I am a M.Sc. student currently studying Psychology in Dublin, Ireland. I am researching preschool life skills (expressing needs/wants/feelings/preferences that others can understand, following instructions, tolerating delays in access to preferred items and activities, developing friendships) and behavioral difficulties (aggression towards self and others, temper tantrums and noncompliance). This survey can be completed anonymously. If you would like any additional information please contact Carolyn Ritchey (

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