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Montessori for 3 year old?

Montessori for 3 year old?           reply
20/03/2011 20:42 - Ask Mother Hen (Locality: Cork)
Hi again,

Do you think a 3 year old needs to be sent to Montessori or would they be ok to wait until they are 4 ( and avail of the free year ). Just wondering if my boy will be at a disadvantage for school if he only had 1 year of montessori?


re : Montessori for 3 year old?           reply
21/03/2011 15:08 - Ask Mother Hen
Hi there,my little boy started montessori at 2.5 yrs,as he had a sibling there already,he has been there for 14 mths now,due to start school in sept 11,he will turn 4 in july,we dont think it is worth keeping him in montessori another year just to avail of the free year,we feel he will get bored staying there for another year,every child is different ,talk to his teacher and ask her opinion,but obviously at the end of the day,the decision will rest on you to decide what is best,good luck kcar

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