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Little Harvard Bray reviews?

Little Harvard Bray reviews?           reply
30/06/2016 21:06 - Pre-school / Montessori (Locality: Wicklow)
Hi, I´m thinking of sending my 2.5year old and 13 month old boys to Little Harvards creche in Bray - just wondering if anyone has feedback on it? I´ve just seen some bad reviews from 2008 so just wondering if anyone has any more current feedback on it?

re : Little Harvard Bray reviews?           reply
14/10/2017 22:41 - Pre-school / Montessori
i guess it´s too late, but maybe other parents will read. I have only worst reviews for this place. My daughter was regularly shouted at and beaten by staff. Laughed at ethical differences. Beaten on the fingers but still. At first my daughter wouldn´t tell me anything, got unusually quite and would resist going to preschool to the extent that would drop to the floor and plead not to go.
Slowly she told me bits and pieces.
Previously I would pick up a friends boy from the same place and after getting home from the preschool he would straight away run to the toilet. I remember already that time I was thinking to myself that why he doesn´t go there... Well, maybe too stressed out by staff and place.
Everyone was shocked who heard my experience. There is more but I think is enough. I removed her straight away and luckily we moved away from the place we used to live. I just blame myself for not going there and suing the place. I did´t go because didn´t want to cause more stress to my child who is already very sensitive.
Maybe others have better experience :) I wish...

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