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Left handed, No Support

Left handed, No Support           reply
25/05/2012 10:31 - Ask Mother Hen (Locality: Sligo)
My 5yr Old son started school last september. he is very bright and is doing maths at a 1st class level. His vocabulary is also ahead However, His handwritting is way behind the rest of his class. I have got him extra help (where his writting is excellent) but in school it seem to be getting worse. I spoke to the teacher 5 time now about hime being left handed and could she not put him next to anyone, Get him a left handed sisiors and so on. But when it come to writting she seem to want him to write the "right handed way" what I mean by this is if he draw an o the oposite way then a right handed person he gets penalised. has anyone experianced this or do you have any adivise thanks

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