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Larkin Community College Dublin?

re... : Larkin Community College Dublin?           reply
19/01/2009 10:08 - Afterschool Care
I was impressed with the website and the level of student participation. I appreciate your comments. I will be looking into the school in a little more detail.

Larkin Community College Dublin?           reply
17/01/2009 23:40 - Afterschool Care
Does anybody know anything about this school? Any opinions? Any info would be appreciated. Many thanks.

re : Larkin Community College Dublin?           reply
18/01/2009 12:08 - Afterschool Care
Hi there,
I am familiar with Larkin College (not as a parent but through teachers/courses etc)
The school is very caring in my opinion. It´s mixed. There are a wide range of subjects available and they also run a Learning Through Arts Programme. I was very impressed with the level of responsibility the students take on board and how they can hold their own among the teachers.
Praise is given where due and there are several students in receipt of scholarships for Academic work, sports, arts.
Due to it´s locality the college is in receipt of funding grants / schemes for Dublin Central. (in the current climate I hope these do not get cut). This means there are alot of extra curricular activities that can benefit the students.
The students themselves come from accross Dublin, therefore it´s a healthy mix of communities, Nationalities.
I have great admiration for the teachers there and I would consider it for my own children in a few years time. Of course it all depends on the needs of your own child.

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