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How to register

How to register           reply
31/07/2018 09:53 - Ask Mother Hen (Locality: Dublin North)
Just wondering if anyone can give me some info on how to become a registered child minder?
Not looking to do it from my own home, and only part time hours.
What do I need to do or get?
Any help would be greatly appreciated

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31/07/2018 18:31 - Ask Mother Hen
Hi, you can only be a registered childminder from your own home!!
Do you mean a registered nanny in the children´s home? Its the parents of the child/ren that contact revenue and register themselves as your employer, you are an employee with workers rights to min wage at least, contract, hol and sick pay etc.
Does this help you or if UV any more questions, please ask.

re... : How to register           reply
31/07/2018 18:36 - Ask Mother Hen
Ah okay I see, I thought I could be registered for no matter where I worked.
That´s okay I will look into it about the parents paying taxes and registering as an employer.
Thank you very much for your reply I appreciate it!

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