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Help! Getting into primary school

re : Help! Getting into primary school           reply
23/11/2009 19:18 - Ask Mother Hen
Could ya not actually say your living at Granparents house,,,,,,,, is that possible. Sorry know is a white lie but needs must.

Help! Getting into primary school           reply
23/11/2009 18:02 - Ask Mother Hen
My daughter is 4 now and will be starting primary school september 2010, we are currently living in the city but are building a house in the country, I called to what should be her primary school and was told that because we are not currently living there that she may not be accepted, When I explained that we were building less than a mile away and that we would be living there in march I was told that it did not matter as they have had many people lie to them about their address and because I didn´t have an address in the catchment area she may not be considered , I also offered them her grandparents address as we will be on the same road and i was told it would not do. I´m just wondering if anyone knows if there is some letter i could get or if there is something i could do to prove that she is eligible for a place?

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