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Help! 10 year old don't like teacher

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08/03/2010 21:07 - Ask Mother Hen
Just read my post. That should have said, ´All TOO often.´

re... : Help! 10 year old don´t like teacher           reply
09/03/2010 11:32 - Ask Mother Hen
thank you for your reply,from the start -now on week 3 my child has come home in tears or close to tears everyday,due to teacher shouting at him (screaming & in his face) being unfair & unwilling to listen to his side of any story,i hav left this til this week when he came home after teacher screaming at him very close & pulling his arm as she brought him to principal she called him thick & stupid ? verified by other pupils also. when i approached her she totally denied it but principal had already heard of this incident from pupils in class,principal told him to go bac to class & would think of punishment,this is not 1st incident of this behaviour in teacher classroom,no matter what a child does a child of 10 does not deserve this treatment.the whole issue was he did not finish a essay over weekend. ??

Help! 10 year old don´t like teacher           reply
08/03/2010 16:00 - Ask Mother Hen
I ve a boy that really does not like teacher, have seen teacher says he being caught out on things & cant be let away with them such has bit h/w not learned , punishment is he stays in at break to do or 15 mins at wall . he feels teacher has a pick on him

re... : Help! 10 year old don´t like teacher           reply
09/03/2010 15:13 - Ask Mother Hen
Hi There,

From what I have read so far there is clearly an issue between the teacher and your child. The teacher should not shout at a child in that way or call them names however, you need to get the full picture before making a judgement. I would stongly advise you to set up a meeting with the principle and the teacher. Before the meeting, try to jot down the dates and incidents that are causing you concern. It would also be very useful to check each evening that your child has completed homework etc., - if his work is up to standard then that cannot be an issue.
Go into the meeting with an open mind - you are not there to ´blame´ either the child or the teacher but to discuss with both the principle and the teacher the issues that are arising and how they can be sorted out.
Best of luck - let us know how this goes.

re : Help! 10 year old don´t like teacher           reply
08/03/2010 21:05 - Ask Mother Hen
It is natural for children to see things from their own viewpoint only. It would be unnatural for a child to paint a negative picture of him/herself to his/her parents. It is not unusual to fail to tell ALL the details and all to often, the reason given by a child to his/her parents, may in fact be only part of the reason.
At present, it appears you have been going on your son´s word only. If he is getting into trouble, then there is usually a reason for it. You have said is is omitting parts of his homework, for example. Rather than talking to people on this site, perhaps the person you should be speaking to is your son´s teacher. Make an appointment and both of you can sit down and see how together you can keep the lines of communication opened and each of you will know why things are as they are.
Believe me, from experience as both a parent and teacher, as they get older, most children don´t love school OR their teacher. Both are associated with work (a necessary evil for us all, whether we like it or not). Children can be quick to realise that if they can set home against school, then they will get the sympathy for themselves and have a parent and teacher at loggerheads. The best thing that can happen is that home and school are in positive contact with one another, parent is aware of the real reasons for the child getting into trouble and the child will not be able to play the sympathy card by playing home off against school. I hope that helps.

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