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Daughter dislikes minder in Montessori

Daughter dislikes minder in Montessori           reply
19/04/2017 05:31 - Ask Mother Hen
Please help! My daughter started pre school last September and has a super teacher whom she loves. On two days a week, she stays in from 12-4. A few months ago she started saying that she didn´t want to go to Montessori (the two afternoons) because of a certain person (a carer). She has become obsessed with asking the day of the week about 5 times every day because she doesn´t want to stay on the long days. I spoke to her pre school teacher and explained that I understand this kind of thing (I´m a teacher) to try and raise the issue but not be dramatic or blame the minder etc. I thought things had improved and I´m very pleasant to this minder in the hopes that she´ll be nice to my daughter. I spoke to her also, informally, just asking how she (my daughter) was getting on and she said she´s flying it. We are on our second week of Easter holidays and she has asked about going to Montessori at least three times a day every single day. I really don´t know what to do. She loves pre school but there seems to be this constant worry about Montessori because of this minder.

re : Daughter dislikes minder in Montessori           reply
19/04/2017 09:56 - Ask Mother Hen
Could you look for alternative care for the two afternoons immediately...childminder or family member etc. I´m surprised the staff (if more than the one in question) weren´t just switched around on the two afternoons that your daughter was in.

re... : Daughter dislikes minder in Montessori           reply
19/04/2017 23:27 - Ask Mother Hen
If would go and talk to head of this crèche , your child is upset and if you don´t get it sorted pull her out xx

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