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Child constantly sick since starting in the creche

Child constantly sick since starting in the creche           reply
25/04/2014 15:21 - Ask Mother Hen (Locality: Dublin West)

My son started full-time in the creche in January since then he has been sick constantly and we are at our wits end. I mean every single week with different things.

Is this normal?

re : Child constantly sick since starting in the creche           reply
03/05/2014 08:27 - Ask Mother Hen
Hi. My heart goes out to you, I know exactly how you feel. When my son was in playschool there was never a week without something. At least once a month he had the vomit bug and I watched my baby who was only 7 weeks old pick it up. I felt like we were cursed. One morning when I was dropping him off I overheard a mother tell the owner how her daughter was up all night sick but that she seemed ok again. I just lost the plot with both. At the end of the day it´s up to the owners to send away sick children to stop the spread but they don´t. I don´t know what to say to you only try another crèche but then that´s not fair on your poor child if he has settled and made friends. I wish you the best of luck.

re : Child constantly sick since starting in the creche           reply
10/07/2014 10:54 - Ask Mother Hen
Hi, just saw your post and felt your pain, I hope things have improved since, my story is not exactly a comfort, my son was the same for almost a yr in creche, I had to take 2 weeks off in one month and never had 2 weeks in a row without taking a day or two, I used up almost all my leave purely because he was sick, I´m blessed with a public service job so at least didn´t have to worry about bring fired as a result. I did see a big improvement once i started giving him probiotic bacteria to boost his immune system, I used BioKult, hope I´m allowed to say a brand, they are just much cheaper than others but any will do, or I´m sure any other tonic would do. Of course have a stern word with creche, they have to have firm rules about the waiting time after a child being sick etc, although some parents will always lie.......good luck it does get better

re : Child constantly sick since starting in the creche           reply
10/07/2014 13:35 - Ask Mother Hen
Hi there,
My little one is exactly the same, she started creche in april and has been sick pretty much every couple of weeks. its very frustrating to see your child suffer but also with the work situation. I feel I am using all my holiday for sick days. apparently it takes a year for their immune systeme to build up, so lets hope the best. TBH this one of the reasons I am looking into a childminder now...

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