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Bad Results in Irish

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05/08/2011 16:55 - Ask Mother Hen
yes you can see the summer exams paper the teacher will usually have marked out where the mistakes were but just to let you know I assume your children were doing honors Irish ... this course is way harder when they get into 2nd year. My son is going into 2nd year and his Irish teacher told us there is a giant leap between 1st year and 2nd year

Bad Results in Irish           reply
05/08/2011 13:07 - Ask Mother Hen (Locality: Wexford)
I have 2 children in 2.nd year(now 3.rd)Sec.School,in the same class. Both of them were straight A students until 2010/2011were they moved down to an E.
All trough the year we had a lot of "things " going on with this Irish Teacher.
I know for a fact that my children are not little angel all the time,but this result was a BIG disappointment. I know as well that my two are not the only ones with very bad results.
My question is now: Have we a right to see the summer exam papers?
Can we get an independent review on them?

re : Bad Results in Irish           reply
05/08/2011 21:20 - Ask Mother Hen
Yes you can see the exam, but realistically there isn´t much point, if they got an E, even if the teachers marking was harsh or ´off´, they still aren´t excelling in the subject. They clearly aren´t enjoying the subject or the lessons.

The Galetacht is brilliant for giving students a genuine enjoyment and use for the language instead of the drudgery of the curriculum - and the teacher clearly isn´t adding much pleasure or fun to the task!!

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