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Ask Mother Hen - How it works - Read before posting

Ask Mother Hen - How it works - Read before posting          
20/10/2008 20:08 - Ask Mother Hen
Our new ‘Ask Mother Hen’ facility on allows parents to seek parental advice on specific parenting issues from tots to teens. Mother Hen responses will be provided by facilitators working with, an organisation which delivers Parenting Workshops. Only one response will be provided by ‘Mother Hen’ who will not enter into ongoing dialogue through the thread with individual parents. Parents and teachers are also welcome to contribute advice to posts where they feel their experience can help the parent.

Information and advice provided under the "Ask Mother Hen" facility of this website is for general, non-diagnostic purposes only and is based on the limited information made available by the poster. Advice given is not a substitute for the professional medical advice provided by your doctor or one-to-one counselling services where appropriate. Please also refer to the "Terms of Use" of our Discussion Boards.

After two to three weeks, posts to ‘Ask Mother Hen’ will be re-categorised so that they appear under the relevant Parenting category within the Discussion Boards, e.g. Homework, Discipline etc. In this way, new parents visiting the Parenting Discussion threads will easily be able to locate threads and advice on topics relevant to their particular concern

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