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20/01/2015 14:16 - Ask Mother Hen
My childminder couldnt mind my kids yestdrday as she had work experience for 2 hrs to do for her fetec course so my husband had to take yesterday of and I told hervi wouldn´t be able to pay her for that day. She got very angry and told me I knew she had to go andvit was up to me to look after my kid.
I asked last night if shecwas coming in today and she said not until we sat down and chatted first. My husband is out ofvtosn so I can´t meet her until Thursdays, so she wknt mind them this week and I have had to organise other child care.
We have decided that we would like to look into other childcare and im wonderjng is there a rule off thumb to what notice I have togive her.
Sorry for the long message

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