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8 month wont sleep in cot all night

re : 8 month wont sleep in cot all night           reply
16/12/2011 10:16 - Ask Mother Hen
If you little one always slept through the night, the first thing to check is to see if anything has changed to cause her to wake up. For example, is she warm enough? Did you get a new cover/mobile/nightlight that may be disturbing her sleep? The other possibility is that she may be teething and that may be causing her to wake up. Have you tried to give her suitable teething pain relief and put her back into her cot? Often young children wake because they have a problem with their ears and fluid gathering to cause pain - it may be worth checking this with your GP.
With regard to bad habits, if she falls asleep in your arms then try to put her back into her cot when she is settled. That way, she is waking up in her cot and finishing her sleep there. If the waking is a ´habit´ so that she gets to go into your bed, putting her back to her cot when she settles will help to break that habit.
I hope this helps!

8 month wont sleep in cot all night           reply
15/12/2011 18:53 - Ask Mother Hen (Locality: Dublin West)
Hi... My 8 month use to sleep all night from 7.30 until 6am since she was 3 months but for the last month or two she had been waking up loads and in the end i end up putting her in my bed cause i dont want her to wake her sister(she normally wakes when she hears her cry). she sleeps longer but still wakes up but goes back to sleep straight away.... could she just be waking up cause she is teething or have i got her into a habit of waking up so she can sleep in my arms in bed??? what can i do to stop this so i can have a good night sleep too :)

re... : 8 month wont sleep in cot all night           reply
17/12/2011 14:26 - Ask Mother Hen
thanks... i put an extra blanket on her last night and she slept from half seven until four, an odd little cry inbetween but she settled herself back to sleep, hope it wasnt just a once off

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